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Loading up a bisque firing

I’ve been busy this morning trying to fit last week’s pipes into my little test kiln.  I like this kiln for making pipes, because the pipes are in general pretty small, and as I’m making one-of-a-kind pieces, I get a faster turnover.  Progress in developing new forms and surface treatments, as a result, is faster.

kilnload1Many of the pipes in this load are my little tripod handpipes.  About half of those are effigy pipes and the rest are just decorated in various ways… slip, incising, fluting, etc.

I’m most excited about some salamander effigy pipes I’ve made.  I really hope these new forms survive the kiln.  They have a sinuous quality that I hope to enhance with the right glazes.

All of the pipes in this kiln load are smawhitewaterbuffllish dry pipes.  When I go out to the wheel later this afternoon, I’ll throw some components to put together some more effigy water pipes– I’ve sold several of these expensive pieces in the last week, so I need to make more.